Choose How You Walk Down the Hallway or Control What You Can As Best You Can

You ever notice you’re walking down a hallway that you walk down on a regular basis? Maybe a hallway at an office or one in your apt. building. Maybe instead of a hallway, it’s a street or a sidewalk. Whatever it is, it’s a place where you’re doing little more than simply commuting.

And what’s worse is that at the end of that walkway is some place and/or task that you’re not excited about. So, while you’re traversing this hallway you’re not doing anything particularly interesting or worthwhile with you’re time and when you’re finished commuting you’ll be doing something you like even less?

The ‘epiphany’ I had while walking down this hallway today is essentially the same lesson I’ve learned many many times before: Control what you can as best you can.

But something about this hallway made it click in a way I hadn’t realized before. Or if I had realized it, I forgot. I have to relearn life lessons just as often as I have to relearn the name of the actress who plays Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones (Lena Headey).

I need to walk down this hallway. Can’t control the fact that I can’t be playing video games, writing, spending time with loved ones, etc. (ie. stuff I want to do). But what I can control is how I walk down this hallway. And it’s way more fun to put a little spring in my step. Play a song in my mind. Move my shoulders differently for no reason.

When you’re creative and you realize you do have freedom to try things, then try stuff. How can this walk down this hallway be a better experience than it is?

So, the next time you find you’re commuting to a place you don’t want to go, do something to make your walk more fun. You deserve it.

Thanks, y’all!


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