2016 – Rich’s Greatest Hits

Was 2016 a particularly cruel year compared to other years of the past? For many of us, the answer is unequivocally ‘yes.’ However, I believe we can mine shiny pretty things from even the muckiest of mucks.

So, I choose gratitude and positivity. And in the spirit of such, I will tell you the highlights of my 2016. I don’t have the best of memories, so this won’t be completely comprehensive, but that’s okay. Let’s begin

1. I met the love of my life

Her name is Ryan. We met when one of my closest friends and comedy partner Rolland Lopez turned to me in the car after looking on OKCupid and saying, ‘Rich, this girl’s perfect for you.’ He wasn’t looking for a girl for me, but he recognized that it was the right call to tell me. I can never thank him enough. Ryan and I have been together nearly seven months and it’s by far the best relationship I’ve ever had. So thankful for her.

2. I travelled a lot

Between touring with Mission Improvable and Rollin’ In Riches I got to perform for and meet a number of amazing people all across the country.

3. I Taught Many People

I’ve been a teacher for many years and seeing a student leave my class feeling better about themselves because they have learned a bit more never gets old. I coached improv teams, individual actors and improvisers. I directed a sketch team, taught people how to rap, how to write and how to perform. In total it was easily more than 500 students across the country. I love my job.

4. I moved

My ex and I had broken up last October, but stayed living together til June. We said it was because of money, but it was mostly because of fear. I give her all the credit for catalyzing the actual move. She came in from out of town in May and said, “I can’t do this anymore.” I agreed and finally made myself look for a new place. And we have both been much healthier for it.

5. I went home

Just got back from a seven day trip home to Texas where I introduced my girlfriend to much of my family and friends. Had a great time. Love it when I get to go home. Loved it even more since I got to show someone I love such a big part of my life.

6. I grew a brand

Rollin’ In Riches had a huge year of shows. We toured 13 cities and played a number of cool shows around L.A. I had a blast spending so much time with my partner Rolland. And it was so awesome to begin to see the emergence of a reputation in the kick ass improv community in this country.

7. I made stuff!

I released my first web series The Pastor John Heavens Show, created my YouTube Channel Wealthy Pastry Productions, shot four original scenes/sketches (one hasn’t been released yet), was the voice of a viral video called Gym Wildlife, performed in a sketch by the Hambone Group, was a co-writer and voice actor for a web series called WTFK with my good friend Akello, wrote a full rough draft of my first original pilot, played a major role in a feature film by Hollywood Shakespeare, released a bunch of podcast episodes for ‘Lost & Confounded,’ wrote and hosted a bunch of trivia shows with Nerdology and recently shot something I came up with that’s in post production right now that I’m really proud of.

I filled out most of my credits on IMDB and contributed several times to this blog. I sometimes fall prey to the habit of beating myself up for not being productive enough, but looking at this list I can see definitively that I did good this past year. And I’m probably missing a few things from that list that didn’t come to mind. Can’t wait to do even better next year!

8. I Grew New Healthy Habits

I workout more consistently. I meditate every morning (for over six weeks so far!). I read regularly. I eat at home a lot more. I say ‘no’ more. I consciously breathe more. I’m probably missing a few, but just based on this list, I’m super proud of myself.

9. I Changed My Mindset

I am prone to depression, anxiety, worry, feeling defeated, feeling unmotivated, etc. But in the last two years I’ve begun to work on all those. I still struggle with lots of things, but I have vastly improved. I understand I can only accomplish so much. I know there are times I need to do stuff and times I need to ask for help. I don’t have to say ‘yes’ to something juts because it’s offered. I don’t have to be scared of failure. Finishing something is now way more important to me than perfecting something. Nothing is perfect. I can control myself a lot more than I realized. I need to love & forgive myself like crazy, because I have to live with me. At 35, I feel way better about life than I have since I was a small child. And I can help myself thru the hard times and in some cases even change them.

10. I had fun

In addition to everything above, I also played with my dog a lot. I played board games, volleyball, tennis. I shared laughs over stupid bits, attended parties filled with fun people. I played music, sang karaoke, played video games and even just chilled out and relaxed.

Again, I’m sure there’s lots to 2016 that was good that I didn’t write, but it was a pretty good year. I did a lot of amazing stuff. Were there bad times? Oh yeah. Panic attacks, very strapped finances, arguments, cancellations, cruelty, celebrity deaths, Trump, etc. But I choose not to focus on those. I tried my best to learn from them and move on.

If you feel like 2016 just wasn’t your year, I encourage you to take the time to remember the stuff you are proud of. The stuff that makes you happy to remember. Dig the shiny pretty thing out of the mud and admire its beauty.

Here’s to an amazing 2017!

Happy NYE!

Thanks, y’all!


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