I’ve never really blogged before…

I’m not hoping to gather a fan club. I’m doing this for me. Not for rewards. It’s hard for me. Most of my life I do things expecting something else in return like a puppy. If I take this class, I’ll get to audition for this troupe, right? If I do a good job in class the teacher will give me a good grade. I think I’m finally realizing that life can work that way, but it will never be as satisfying as doing something that you truly love for it’s own sake.

I assume fives of people may read this blog. And that’s cool. I’d love a million followers, but I expect zero and I’ll still be very satisfied with that. There’s no theme to this blog other than: My psyche. Post topics will range from science to cartoons to religion to my personal life to bad jokes, etc. If I feel the urge to write it, I’ll post it. Thanks for reading.


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